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Temecula Hyundai

Temecula Hyundai Homepage

Hyundai of Temecula wants to teach you the fundamentals of car sales! Do you have an all start personality and strong customer service skills? This internship may be for you! See Ms. Angela or Mr. Clark if you have any questions and to sign up!


Program Details and Requirements:

Sales license must be acquired. Students will then shadow members of the Sales Team to learn the fundamentals of car salesmanship.

  • Must be at east 16 years or older.
  • Valid Driver's License.
  • Must acquire sales license (total cost ~$148)
32295 Mission Trail Ste. R8
Lake Elsinore, CA 02530-2305  
See this Vehicle Salesperson License Handbook for more information.

Primary Contact: 

Richard Dickens

Sales Director