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Community Service

You need 40 hours of community service in order to graduate.  Don't wait until the last minute. 

Community Service hours must be done without pay for a non-profit organization (not a family member.)

Here are some things you can do to earn community service:
  • Church work
  • Baby-sit for the community such as church, schools, and community center
  • Community events - rodeo, walkathon, youth athletics, 5k, 10k, etc
  • Assist with school events, play productions, athletic events, etc
  • Assist with blood drive or donate blood
  • Recycle old cell phones
  • Recycle used print cartridges
  • Food Drive
  • Custodial work before/after school
  • Help out in classrooms after school
  • Help out in the office after school
  • Help out in the library after school
  • LEAF - Lake Elsinore Animal Friends - 951-674-0618
  • HOPE - Help Our People in Elsinore - 951-245-7510
  • Graffiti Removal - 951-678-9722
  • Lake Elsinore Senior Center 951-674-2526
  • Lake Elsinore Community Center 951-245-0442
  • Planet Youth 951-471-8415
  • Dresses and Dreams-submission form
You must make arrangements.  Contact the facility.  Let them know you need to complete 10 - 40 hours of community service and ask them if they have any work for you.  Be sure to have your supervisor sign off on your community service hours after you have completed the work.
Community Service Opportunities: